Wednesday game against the Cardinals saw Max Scherzer.

A New York Mets pitcher pull himself from the field with an injury.

Had to be excused from Wednesday game against Cardinals.

He started waving his hands across his throat after throwing a pitch. 

Scherzer looked at the bench shaking his head and saying he was done.  

After he had thrown a lazy slider Scherzer apparently felt something 

Although he didn’t seem to be in any severe pain Scherzer was concerned enough to withdraw 

Scherzer was interviewed after the game and told him that he hoped.

Scherzer stated that he felt a tingling sensation in his left side and knew he was over it. 

Scherzer still needs to be diagnosed by New York medical team.  

More information will be available as soon as it becomes available. 

All this comes after Scherzer was signed by the Mets to a record breaking contract.