Tesla delivers first Sumi electric truck to PepsiCo full detail

Elon Musk on Thursday (local) time delivered to PepsiCo, the very first unit of Sumi – the first electric truck manufactured by his Tesla – more than five years after the vehicle was unveiled (in November 2017).

Introducing the truck at an event livestreamed on Twitter (acquired by Musk in October), the world’s richest person said Tesla conducted a 500 miles (805 km) demonstration run when pulling an 82,000 pound (37,000 kilo) load on a single charge, in California. The run, he said, began at the company’s plant in Fremont, and concluded at San Diego.

Musk also drove one of the three Semi trucks introduced at a factory near Reno, Nevada, where the delivery was made to PepsiCo. One of the vehicles was painted in white, the other had Pepsi logo painted on it, while the third had colours of Frito-Lay. a PepsiCo factory.

Earlier, during a Tesla earnings call, the billionaire entrepreneur said the company has tentative plans to produce Sumi trucks for North America in 2024. Also, Sumi is the fifth vehicle in Tesla’s portfolio, behind passenger models S, X, 3, and Y.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo has acquired the truck for a zero-emissions freight project at its Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, California. It was among the first companies that placed non-binding orders for Sumi after the unveiling.

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