Indian drivers are among world’s worst: Report full detail

Traffic in India is among the worst in the world. Now, a study claims that the driving behaviour of Indian drivers too is among the world’s worst. LiveMint has cited a study claiming that rash driving and an alarming number of accidents have become a significant issue in India and worse driving behaviours are responsible for these. The study reportedly positioned India as the fourth worst country in the world when it comes to bad driving. The same survey also listed the world’s best drivers, with Japan topping the chart, while the worst driver list is headed by Thailand.

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21 Feb 2023, 17:56 PM

India is in the fourth position on the list of countries with worse driving behaviour.

The survey claims to have studied drivers in more than 50 countries in order to compile a list of the greatest and worst drivers in the globe. The study claims to have accounted the factors like trends, traffic awareness and traffic concerns, as assessing driving proficiency without these is difficult. The study also took into account the factors like the condition of the roads, speed limit and legal blood alcohol content level among others.

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Speaking about India, the study points out that the rules of the country and enforcement remain weak, which results in drivers flouting the norms. Indian drivers have scored only 2.34, while Japan’s drivers have scored 4.57 points. The second and third worse drivers are from Peru and Lebanon, claims the study.

Among the best countries, the Netherlands is in the second position, while Norway, Estonia and Sweden hold the other three positions in the top five countries.

In India, bad driving habits have been a great concern for law enforcement agencies and the government for a long time. Several stringent rules have been implemented by the government over the last few years in a bid to curb bad driving and traffic rule violations, which have reduced the level of traffic rule flouting but not fully.

First Published Date: 21 Feb 2023, 17:56 PM IST

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