Golden State Warriors wins

Golden State won the Western Conference semifinals by dancing and coasting to victory against Dallas.

Steph Curry was stuck in the corner with no escape routes or passing lanes. There were few options and none that offered any great alternatives. Curry being Curry, he chose the highest-degree-of-difficulty play: a no-look, looping, over-the-shoulder pass that could easily have been a turnover but somehow found its way to Draymond Green, back by the midcourt logo.

“Yeah. We work on that play. It’s called Looping Pass 2,” coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday night.

Curry smiled self-deprecatingly, “That’s my job, throw wild passes.”

You could predict what would happen next, the Warriors being the Warriors. Green grabbed the ball and passed it to a sprinting Curry. Curry caught it and turned to fire and hit a three-pointer. This increased Golden State’s lead over Dallas Mavericks by 17 points in the third quarter.

Although there aren’t any dagger shots during a blowout it was close. It exemplified everything that makes the Warriors special and underscored just how difficult the task for the Mavericks.

They’re not just up against a team that has three championships, five Finals appearances, and three future Hall of Famers.

The Warriors were unable to give the superstar 23-year old star much breathing space. They sent Andrew Wiggins to watch him on the court, sending additional bodies as necessary, and keeping him balanced with various defenders and coverages.

Kerr spoke of Curry, Green, and Klay Thompson as the core members to the Warriors dynasty. That’s where there is a lot of value. Draymond has been the center of our offense as a screener, passer and quarterback. That was one example of the guys knowing each other very well and Draymond anticipating what Steph would do.

Curry’s wild pass to the backcourt could have easily been converted into a turnover. This could be attributed to luck. This is the problem with the Warriors of the past eight years. It can be difficult to discern the difference between talent, luck, and pure magic.

That was the moment that would be the highlight of the evening. Dorian Finney Smith and Doncic had Curry in the corner, before he tossed that dangerous, over-the shoulder pass, which almost missed everyone before Green saved him. Curry later admitted that it was not intended for Green. Curry was trying to hit Looney.

Curry stated, “A long shot pass.” Draymond saved it. “Sigh of relief on that one.”

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