Ferrari mulls idea to use rocket thruster for its future sportscar full detail

Ferrari seems to be working on a patented technology that is very similar to what Tesla ideated for its next-generation Roadster. A Ferrari future sportscar may come with a rocket thruster, which Elon Musk’s EV company thought to use in its next-generation electric sportscar, reports The Drive. The Italian sportscar brand patented the technology of a high-performance car with gas pushers back in 2019, which has been added to the US Patent database recently.

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07 Feb 2023, 12:32 PM

A future Ferrari car may come with rocket thrusters. (Representational image)

The patented technology reveals the possibility of a working concept identical to what Elon Musk once described for the next-gen Tesla Roadster’s SpaceX package. Tesla wanted to use some type of cold gas or compressed air thrusters to speed up off-the-line acceleration and even allow the car to hover somehow. Ferrari’s patented technology, christened as the pulsejet system, may use composed air thrusters for quicker acceleration.

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The automaker also claims that this technology will aid in braking and handling. The patent reveals that Ferrari would put compressed air tanks or liquid fuel technology at the front, rear and sides of the car to make all this possible, which sounds very similar to the rocket thrusters used in spaceships to maneuver them. The patent filing reveals that there will be at least one compressed air tank and at least one gas pusher, connected to the compressed air tank.

This whole system will be integrated to the mainframe and come with host of outward facing nozzles. They can be activated in order to generate respective air jhets and can be arranged parallel to and beside one another. They will come having same orientation and size in a bid to generate different pneumatic thrusts giving the same pressure of the compressed air flowing in. However, Ferrari’s patent doesn’t reveal if its pulsejet technology will enable the car to hover for a bit, what Elon Musk imagined for next-gen Tesla Roadster.

First Published Date: 07 Feb 2023, 12:32 PM IST

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