Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames defeated the Edmonton Oilers last night. After the 9-6 win, the Flames lead the series 1-0.

You probably won’t watch this game again if you saw it. It was an awful effort by Edmonton Oilers. I believe the Edmonton Oilers were fortunate to have had a chance at winning this game. Jacob Markstrom did not play with much confidence. 

Calgary Flames defeated the Ilers last night in Calgary. After the 9-6 win, the Flames lead the series 1-0.

A terrible start

Yesterday’s 3 keys for victory I explained how Edmonton Oilers must get off to a strong start and not fall behind too early. It was not apparent that the Edmonton Oilers had read it, as they were already down 3 goals and had already switched their goalie prior to the commercial break.

Another thing I noticed was Mike Smith must play well. He didn’t get to play for more than 6:05 so he was not able to do much. Would I have preferred him to save at least one of the first three? Does this game have any chance of a different outcome if he isn’t pulled? This team started on everyone. Terrible defense, poor effort in neutral zone, and no offense.

McDavid blown effort

They wasted a poor night for Markstrom, but they also wasted Connor McDavid’s excellent effort. McDavid continued his game 7 momentum in this game. McDavid scored a goal and assisted with 3 assists for 4 points.

He was involved with 2/3s the Oilers goals. He had the most points of any player during the game. To tie the game at 6, he urged his team to return. They were tied for less than 2 minutes.

Struggles in powerplay

The Edmonton Oilers were fortunate to be in this match. The Edmonton Oilers could have won this game if they had converted on one of their four powerplays. 

The Oilers could have gained momentum if they had been able score just one goal.

Last night, the powerplay did the exact opposite and created momentum. They only set up three powerplays, so it wasn’t able create any momentum. The Calgary Flames deserve credit for their high-pressure penalty kill. They made it very difficult to get into zone.

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