Dubai Police may soon get this SWAT SUV, complete with smoke launchers full detail

UAE-based W Motors recently unveiled its Ghiath SWAT Edition SUV that took center stage at the World Police Summit which took place in Dubai earlier this week. W Motors is known for making some extremely capable vehicles for defense and police personnel and the Ghiath is one of its most-acclaimed models. But the Ghiath SWAT Edition is perhaps its most special yet because, among other reasons, it is custom built for Dubai Police.

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11 Mar 2023, 13:28 PM

The Ghiath SWAT Edition gets nine surveillence cameras and a host of high-end tech features to help personnel during a variety of covert and overt missions.

W Motors claims its Ghiath Smart Patrol is the world’s most advanced security vehicle and the Ghiath SWAT Edition builds on the capabilities by offering all-terrain-handling highlights. While its exterior profiling is aggressive and that’s instantly evident – reinforced front push bar, tactical side and rear steps; weapons and ammunition mounting and storage systems – it also gets customized heavy duty upgraded suspension for increased payload. All of the internal engineering, the company states, has been done keeping in focus the requirements for mission safety, security and success.

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The cabin of the Ghiath SWAT Edition comes with facial recognition and driver behaviour-enabled surveillance cameras, a vehicle GPS tracker deployment system, real-time connectivity with the control center, two rear seat-mounted removable military spec android tablets and four police body cam charging docks. The SUV also gets two military-grade infrared LED illumination systems for night vision, infrared tracking light, nine surveillance cameras and even smoke launchers.

The company has not shared the technical specifications of the Ghiath SWAT Edition but the vehicle could soon make its way into crime-busting duties of local law enforcement agencies. Dubai Police does command a long list of ultra luxury as well as ultra capable vehicles but W Motors is looking at offering an increasing number of options to the force.

First Published Date: 11 Mar 2023, 13:28 PM IST

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