Boston Red Sox’s Xander Bogarts never thought this could happen

The Red Sox’s Xander Bogaerts reacts following hitting a two-run homer against the Athletics in the ninth inning of Friday.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Xander Bogaerts didn’t just break records but also set the Red Sox franchise record Friday for the most of the games performed (1,094) in shortstop. He also celebrated the occasion with an RBI double and a homer.

“On an individual scale, it’s a bit crazy,” Bogaerts said. “I’m extremely blessed to be part of this conversation. I could never have imagined or anticipated any of this when I first made my debut and even before I first signed up here. It’s been an extremely long journey but I’ve had a lot of joyful moments are certain.”

Bogaerts passed Everett Scott for most games played at shortstop. He’ll set a new record on Saturday, when he will pass Scott in the record for most shortstop starts (1,082) in the history of the franchise.

“We’ll look forward to the celebration on Monday because tomorrow will be another important moment for the player,” manager Alex Cora stated. “Just pleased for his achievements.. Simply showing up each day is a huge honor to us, and also is a huge blessing to his teammates. It’s a big deal for the people of Boston. He’s a humble child born in the island. He’s just trying to play baseball. But , as time goes on, he’ll begin to recognize how crucial his role is to us as well as for our team, the Red Sox, and actually for baseball in general. The kid is extremely consistent in all is he does. I’m happy he had a wonderful night.”

Bogaerts’ blast of 389 feet to left field left field gave Boston an 1-0 lead the fourth innings. His two-run single in the ninth inning put Boston in front 7-2.

“I didn’t think all of this could be feasible,” Bogaerts said. “I remember that when I first came to the table to the table, there was lots of talk about it — maybe I’ve got to move roles.”

Bogaerts claimed he had the same conversation in the minor leagues.

“I’ve had to be grateful to myself and all the coaches who have supported me in my journey through the downs and ups,” Bogaerts said. “Obviously you have a family with you through all the good and bad. … The thing is, I’ve been able to give a huge amount of thanks to the coaching team and the team who believed in me while providing me with this opportunity.”

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