10 ADAS features introduced in Tata Safari, Harrier explained full detail

After rivals like Mahindra and Mahindra, MG Motor and Hyundai Motor equipped their flagship models with Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS), Tata Motors too has joined the bandwagon to offer this advanced safety features in its SUVs. On Wednesday, February 22, Tata Motors launched the Red Dark Editions of the Safari and Harrier SUVs. These models are offered with several ADAS features which promise to make driving a lot more easier. However, the ADAS features have not been included in its best-selling cars like Nexon or Punch yet.

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23 Feb 2023, 09:57 AM

Tata Motors has introduced ADAS features for the first time in its flagship SUVs like Safari and Harrier in their Red Dark Editions.

Here is a quick look at 10 ADAS features Tata Motors is offering in the Red Dark Editions of Harrier and Safari SUVs. While most of these features are also available in some the rival models, Tata Motors does not offer features like Adaptive Cruise Control.

Forward Collision Warning

Tata Motors has equipped the Red Dark Harrier and Safari models with sensors to make use of the ADAS features. The sensors help the vehicle detect its surroundings and make autonomous calls to keep it safe. The Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver when it detects possible crash with any vehicle at the front. It calculates the distance between the two and their speed to assess the situation.

Rear Collision Warning

The sensor at the rear also helps detect incoming vehicle. It triggers the hazard lights of the vehicle to alert the other.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

The emergency braking warning is triggered when the system detects any obstruction in front while on the move. The obstruction include vehicles and pedestrians. The system triggers an audio alert for the driver. It also helps the vehicle to a complete stop to avoid collision.

Blind Spot Detection

Tata Motors has equipped the Harrier and Safari SUVs with blind spot detection alerts on the move. This feature is particularly helpful while switching lanes. The alert comes alive on the ORVMS with an audio warning to make the driver aware of any approaching vehicle from the sides.

Door Open Alert

The same sensor also helps occupants of the Harrier and Safari to avoid situation where opening the doors could hit incoming traffic. The system detects such scenario and triggers alarm if anyone is trying to get off the vehicle.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This ADAS feature is particularly helpful when trying to park a vehicle in a crowded parking spot. The feature alerts the driver if it detects incoming vehicle when it is being pulled out from its spot. The rear camera of a vehicle can only detect what is right behind the car, but the sensor helps the vehicle to monitor the surrounding for better safety.

Lane Departure Warning

This feature will work mostly on roads and highways where lane markings are clear. The system detects the lane used by the vehicle and will alert the driver if the car deviates from its lane.

Lane Change Alert

This feature will also work on roads with lane markings. The system will alert the driver of incoming vehicles when trying to change lanes.

High Beam Assist

This is another useful feature for vehicles on highway, especially after dark. The vehicle automatically switches to low beam if it detects vehicle coming from opposite side to avoid blinding the other driver. It switches back to high beam once the vehicle passes.

Traffic Sign Recognition

This feature helps the system read road signs like speed limits and warns the driver. Speed limit alert appears on the driver display to help make corrections.

First Published Date: 23 Feb 2023, 09:57 AM IST

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